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Returning soon renewed Version 2.
Camelot - the Four Towers
Coming in 2014.


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  • Dragonmeet 2013
  • Where WOTAN GAMES attended in 2013
  • Wotanmeet. January 2013
  • Wotan Games at Dragonmeet. December 2012
  • Wotan Games at Beer & Pretzels, Burton on Trent. November 2012
  • Wotan Games Attends UK Games Expo 2012
  • Wotan Games at Spiel October 2012

London, England. December 7. 2013.

Wotan Games will next be at Dragonmeet at Kensington Town Hall on 7 December in the main Hall 2, GH14. We will have published copies of Camelot - The Build available for sale and playing as well as Version 4 of King Arthur's Noble Knights featuring a prototype of Merlin's brilliant new invention The Chivalry-O-Meter.

Our future publishing strategy is outlined in Work in Progress above.

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 Show and Convention schedule.

We will be at the following events in 2013 to show and play our published and upcoming titles.

24-26May Games Expo. Birmingham. UK Demonstration of Ares Games' 'Sails of Glory' and Wotan's 'Camelot the Build' & Excalibur 2nd Edition
12-13 Oct Beer & Pretzels. Burton.

Demonstration games of 'Camelot the Build' & King Arthur's Noble Knights

24-27 Oct Spiel. Essen. Germany European launch and demonstration games of 'Camelot the Build' & Excalibur 2nd Edition
1 Dec Dragonmeet, Kensington London

Demonstration games of 'Camelot the Build' & King Arthur's Noble Knights



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 The first ever (gasp!) Wotanmeet took place on 12 January this year at the Wotan offices on NW London. Since Wotan games is a modest little start up company, Wotanmeet was a fittingly modest little start up con with all of two games tables and an attendance of, oooo!, about 12 souls all told. Nonetheless, we did what we set out to do and played Camelot the Build almost to destruction and did indeed find a couple of minor issues that we need to address before publication.

Picture is of Excalibur 2nd Edition in play test. Many thanks to Ian Hayward (second from right) who travelled quite a distance to be with us and made a number of really rather good suggestions. Just goes to prove that a real gamer is anyone's for two slices of take-away pizza.

I suspect next year's Wotanmeet will be bit less modest and we will try to vary the gaming diet away from only our products, but at the end of the day it is always going to be centered on getting upcoming products right through testing with gamers who know how to push a game until it breaks.

More on Wotanmeet 2014 in due course.

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 Both parts of Wotan Games (again) attended Dragonmeet on Saturday December 1st at Kensington Town Hall. On the agenda was Version 2 of Excalibur which we playtested with two groups of players. Although we didn't venture as far into the game as we will need to go to fully test the new rule set, this was the first outing for a heavily revised edition and the results were extraordinarily revealing.

Both tables got their heads round the rules without any problems (always a good start) and pushed the game system to its limits; in some situations actually creating new gaming scenarios as they played. Wonderful stuff!

Pictures above are of the Wotan Games stand and Excalibur 2nd Edition in playtest.


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Both parts of Wotan Games (Laurence and Julian) attended the autumn Beer & Pretzels games meet at Burton on Trent on Saturday November 3rd and hosted by our colleague Phil of Spirit Games ( This is held in the rather spectacular town hall - a victorian gem that provided a spacious and attractive venue for the hundreds of gamers who turned up on the Saturday (there is also a Sunday, but we did not attend).

As you can see from the photograph, the room itself is worth a visit on its own, though it seems that approx 100% of the gamers here had their eyes turned firmly away from those glorious roof arches and had other things on their mind. Or maybe they could parallel process stuff like 'Mmmmm nice room. Painted cast iron and carved stone together. Like that. And if I move there she can't send me to alpha centuri for the duration.' Now, some of us haven't evolved that far yet. We do 1. stare at room, slack jawed, dribbling slightly. 2. Play game and lose badly. But hey, in gaming everyone loves a loser!

So our thanks go to the dozen or so gamers who took time to playtest Camelot - the Build with us. As we are finding out in our visits to gaming conventions, this games really engages people and the small number of rules (Just 3, since you ask. Yep, count 'em. 1. Turns. 2. Laying Tiles and 3. Scoring. Doesn't get any easier to learn than that) plus the wide open gaming mechanics invites long discussions on the game system. So lots of suggestions to think about.

TURN TO 400 One of the guys we met at B&P was Sean Riley. He has lovely idea. He is making a film about Fighting Fantasy books. But he needs funds for it. So he is trying to raise those funds on Kickstarter and here is the link Take a look, see what you think. Me? I'm all pledged up. Been down that dungeon; got the mail shirt. Orcs of a feather 'n all that.



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Laurence O'Brien and Julian Musgrave, the Wotan Games team, attended UK Games Expo ( in Birmingham in May 2012 to playtest Camelot the Build, their new product set for publication in April 2013. We only had a day for Wotan activity, but managed to fit in about half a dozen game sessions with gamers who picked up the game quickly, enjoyed playing and made a number of constructive suggestions on rules and game flow. Thanks to you all. It was good to catch up as I (JM) had not attended a game con for a number of years and the energy and enthusiasm was most welcome and refreshing. Nice to see some known faces like Phil of Spirit Games.

The picture left is of Camelot the Build designer Julian Musgrave (left) running a test game with volunteers.... honest guv, they were... well, only slightly bullied into it. One of the great things about gamers and events like UK Games Expo is the willingness of gamers to engage, give time and discuss with designers. And that is probably one reason why there are so many high quality games being published at the moment.


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Laurence O'Brien attended Spiel 2012 as Wotan Games' director of Marketing and filled the four days with a series of meetings and demonstrations. He had with him the V2 prototypes of Camelot the Build and the expansion pack Camelot 3D which adds extra towers and plot lines to the basic game.

This was a very fruitful strategy and a number of significant industry publishers expressed an interest in CtB and playtest copies will be sent to these companies and we hope to be able to announce a strategic partner in due course.

Interest was also expressed by a number of publishers in the Wotan back catalogue, particularly in the three titles Excalibur, Merlin and Robin Hood. Discussions will continue on this group of products as well as next generation products such as CtB

Photo show Laurence on the left with a work colleague at the main entrance.




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