Designer’s Update January 2014

/Designer’s Update January 2014

Designer’s Update January 2014

Camelot – The Build Published

Now Camelot – The Build is published, into distribution and well received, I can turn my attention fully to the next few games. There are four things on the design agenda:

Camelot – The Four Towers, an expansion pack for CtB

Camelot – The Guilds, another expansion pack for CtB

King Arthur’s Noble Knights

Excalibur 2nd Edition

The Four Towers

Some creations we could name can only manage two towers. That’s pathetic! We can do four without breaking sweat. TFT expands CtB upwards! In this game expansion players can build towers onto the basic game plan: King Arthur’s Tower, Guinevere’s Tower, Lancelot’s Tower and Merlin’s Tower. To build a tower a player places a stairway tile followed by a tower block. The tower block occupy the space of four tiles (90mm x 90mm) and are 70mm high. On the top of each tower block are spaces for four regular sized tiles. The scoring for these extensions are fairly regular, but their strategic importance has to be grasped early in the game as the game is won or lost in these towers.

So far, so regular, but we couldn’t leave it like that could we? Also in the pack are tiles and stands for the four characters, King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlin. Once a tower is built and identified by laying a tile from that character’s tower, the character appears on the board. As part of their turn players get to move a character. Now it gets evil! Each character effects the castle differently.

Merlin, for instance, when placed on a tile will score that tile’s value for the player, but then a blanking counter is placed on the tile and it can not score again during the game. Guinevere scores the tile value against another player nominated by the moving player, and so on. Even more evil is if two characters end a turn in the same square. Arthur & Guinevere together in the great hall ores points for a player, while Merlin and Guinevere together is bad news for some players. Most disruptive of all is Lancelot and Guinevere together in either of their towers. To loud cries of ‘Bonky, Bonky!’ the leading player loses 10 points, the second placed player loses 5 points. The third placed loses 3 points! Ah! What fun….

Camelot the Guilds exists at the moment as a concept, but is not as yet in playtest. This introduces medieval guilds into the game. Each players controls a guild that owns the rights to building and scoring on particular tile types. That’s pretty much as far as the idea has got at the moment because we have to finalise CtFT before we can move on to CtG.

Next Designer’s notes will include an update on King Arthur’s Noble Knights.

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