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Wotan Games at UK Games Expo 2016

What a change and what a chance.

It was a crisp morning as we made our way to the event.  There is always the need for last minute changes in life, we had to get Hi Viz jackets as we were for the first time going to be in the NEC hall early.  As we rushed a little late towards the setup having stopped to buy the necessary bits, it was a moment of joy to see the Battleship Grey of the Wotan Games Bus ahead.

So when we arrived in the Hall, high Viz on, we got stuck into the process of getting the games on board the bus and set up while our resident Hero’s Robbie Munn and Christoph Meyer got to work on our livery.
The event was in one word AMAZING a constant stream of people into the halls and amongst our team, we got the continuous rattle of people getting onto the bus and joining the happy throng of people playing the demos.

We had people for photos on the bus, at the bus, around the bus, we ran competitions for people to win prizes, had a great time and a great set of meetings.

We even took the time to go out in the evening to the Hilton Metropole Hotel and play games in one of the massive rooms packed with players.  There is SO much going on at all times and throughout all the halls and rooms, you need to schedule your time wisely and make the most of every minute.

We are all looking forward to UK Games Expo 2017 it is going to be even better this year.
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