Wotan Games at Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2016

/Wotan Games at Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2016

Wotan Games at Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2016

The Wotan Games team attended Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2016, a great event and a chance to meet up with our friends and international colleagues in gaming.

It was, as ever, a chance to meet our international distributors. This year was particularly great to meet again with Mario Truant of Truant Spiel. This year saw the agreement between Wotan Games and Spiel to work together on War of the Nine Realms. Truant will be working with Wotan to produce the German Language version of the Game.

Again this year there was a large UK contingent that consisted of various game companies from the United Kingdom, who all had stands close to each other. This year again, Wotan Games had their own stand and office that was separated from the other Brits due to relationship with Pegasus Spiel.

However we met up and chatted and supported our fellow Brits as we work hard to build our market and our presence on the International market.

After four days of showing our games, as well as testing out new ones, with the event-goers, Wotan Games returned to the UK to continue to strive for the best gaming the UK collectively can provide.

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