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Wotan Games at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

For the third year running Wotan Games headed off to Nuremberg to enjoy the delights of Nuremberg and Furth and all the fun of the Fair.

This year did not disappoint with a number of secret releases being discussed between the fair and the chance for Wotan Games to sit down and talk about licenses.

With the help of our friends at Ludofact we have started to gather a number of language versions for War of the Nine Realms.  Presently we are talking with Mario Truant of Truantspiel for the German language version and now we have added Roberto Petrillo of Raven Distribution to bring Italian to the mix.  The chance for Wotan Games to talk about Odin to a company called Raven did raise some knowing smiles.  Which of the Ravens would they be, Knowledge or Memory?

We spent a lovely evening with the team from Alibaba over at the Games Archive of Nuremberg, playing games, eating and drinking great beer.  It’s a great organisation of gaming groups and they are always excellent hosts.  We got to spend some time with the wonderful people at Ultracomix and then joining them with everyone from Pegasus Spiel for an excellent Greek meal, was a delightful surprise

It is always a great fair with the delight of talking to Will Neibling which always brings wisdom and Don at Chessex games delighted us with the fact that he still has copied of our first game Sorcerer King that he is still selling, time for an upgrade I think.

It was always great to meet up with a number of our UK friends, including; Rory O’Connor, Andrew Harmen, Mile Ratcliffe, David Cousins, and Dave Mortimer. There is a change in the air and we are looking forward to being part of it.

Roll on 2017, War of the Nine Realms, Bastille Break Out, Minis, Kickstarter and success.
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