Designer’s Update

/Designer's Update

Pre, War of the 9 Realms – Part 2

Continued... V2.0 From feedback and observations we obtained from V1, our game organically evolved to the next level. A major change was the decision to move to army sheets over individual unit/character cards. The decision to drop the individual cards was a tough one, and one that has resurfaced many times since. Stemming from our original [...]

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Pre, War of the 9 Realms – Part 1

War of the Nine Realms is a tactical skirmish style board game, set in the rich setting of norse mythology, but it did not start out that way... At the end summer 2014, I was enjoying a fine Kentish ale in a beer garden when the phone rings. I answer to find Graeme (a man that [...]

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Designer’s Update June 2014

A frightfully serious exposition on why we are publishing Camelot – The Court in November 2014, not Camelot – The Tourney as advertised, and other matters, some of which are of little or no importance whatsoever. So we had Camelot – The Tourney scheduled for release in six months, but one morning I woke up knowing that it’s [...]

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Designer’s Update January 2014

Camelot - The Build Published Now Camelot – The Build is published, into distribution and well received, I can turn my attention fully to the next few games. There are four things on the design agenda: Camelot - The Four Towers, an expansion pack for CtB Camelot – The Guilds, another expansion pack for CtB [...]

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Designer’s Update October 2013

PUBLISHING STRATEGY: It was May when I last updated on our design projects, which does seems stretching the definition of Laurence’s suggested monthly updates somewhat. The reality, however, is more prosaic. At the moment, both Laurence and I work on Wotan Games part time. So, not only are there significant fallow periods where little appears [...]

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Designer’s Update July 2013

1. Allan B. Calhamer – a Tribute: Allan B. Calhamer, who died in February this year, was the designer of the Diplomacy boardgame. The UK national press and Board Games Geek, amongst others noted the event and I have been meaning for some time to pay tribute to this gaming pioneer whose game and name [...]

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Designer’s Update May 2013

1. CAMELOT THE BUILD: All the design and artwork is now finished on this project bar checking the print-ready PDFs. I have now made up a playtest copy of the game using the actual artwork for a couple of upcoming games conventions and a typical in-play view is shown in the top left photo. If [...]

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Designer’s Update March 2013

CAMELOT THE BUILD: This is now scheduled for an August release at the giant Gencon convention in the US. So we are now on a strict timeline to get everything done in the right order, up to world class spec and to the printers in time. Most recent work has been on the graphic design [...]

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Designer’s Update December 2012

Thanks to the noble band of playtesters who gave of their time freely (and hopefully enjoyably) at Dragonmeet on 1st December. Some excellent playtesting here with players pushing the rules into places we had never seen them pushed before (Jacob being particularly creative in making the phased movement rules work to his advantage), coming up [...]

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Designer’s Update November 2012

I am currently engaged on a radical update of Excalibur with a view to Wotan Games publishing a second edition next year sometime. This has been prompted by many suggestions that we publish not just new designs but update the best of the back catalogue. Now, Excalibur was probably our most popular design from Era [...]

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