War of the Nine Realms Pledge Manager Still Open

Our latest campaign for War of the Nine Realms finished in June and we are happy to announce that our game was fully funded! 127 of you decided to take part in the war that is bound to decide the Fate of the Universe. But even if you didn't manage to join us, no worries! [...]

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Wotan Stretches legs at Airecon 4

For the first time, we gather oop North with the wonderful people in and around Harrogate. Airecon 4 was a wonderful gathering of gamers and traders that were a wonderful first visit for Wotan Games.  We set up within the trader's area the night before and enjoyed time with familiar friends.  The first day was [...]

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Wotan Games at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

For the third year running Wotan Games headed off to Nuremberg to enjoy the delights of Nuremberg and Furth and all the fun of the Fair. This year did not disappoint with a number of secret releases being discussed between the fair and the chance for Wotan Games to sit down and talk about licenses. [...]

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Wotan Games at Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2016

The Wotan Games team attended Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2016, a great event and a chance to meet up with our friends and international colleagues in gaming. It was, as ever, a chance to meet our international distributors. This year was particularly great to meet again with Mario Truant of Truant Spiel. This year saw [...]

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Wotan Games at SPIEL, Essen 2015

The Wotan Games team attended Internationale Spieltage SPIEL Oktober 2015, also known as Essen, which was (strangely enough) the city in which the event was held. There was a large UK contingent that consisted of various game companies from the United Kingdom, who all had stands close to each other. Of course, Wotan Games had [...]

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