The weird places in which a designer finds inspiration

For the past few months the amazing Laurence (my game publisher) has been asking me to write a blog about my game design and the story behind it. I have to say that while I am definitely a great game player, I always know in my heart that writing things is not one of my strengths (and that is already bragging, writing is totally one of my worst skills). Anyway, here I am, trying to write something about me and my game, so let’s start!

I am Tony Fung and I was born in Hong Kong. I came over to UK for GCSE and continued my studies with an A level and University, and now I am working in Bristol. Despite spending more than half of my life in the UK, one thing I do keep a close eye on is the politics in Hong Kong. What does this have to do anything with games you say? Well you can get inspiration from practically everywhere to create a game, so here goes. This might sound a bit like a history class, but if you bear with me, you’ll see that I have a point.

Hong Kong was a colony of the U.K. but UK has returned HK to China in 1997. I still remember witnessing the ceremony when I was very young. I still remember there were lots of people expressing their worries about the new Chinese government. China appeared to be slightly too autocratic and that lead to a flood of people emigrating just before 1997. As a result, the government has promised to give HK the right to independently administrate itself for 50 years and that included the “democratic election” of the Chief executive (a.k.a prime minister in HK term).

The “democratic election” was delayed quite some time and finally in 2015 the Chinese government shared their plans. However it was very badly received by the HK citizens and resulted to one of the biggest demonstrations in our history. Thousands of people occupied the streets, carrying yellow banners and shouting that the voting system is not “truly democratic”.

How does all this end up being a cool inspiration for board game design? I think you’ll have to wait for the next designer’s diary!

Until next time