Missed the campaign? We got you covered

Our latest campaign for War of the Nine Realms finished in June and we are happy to announce that our game was fully funded!

127 of you decided to take part in the war that is bound to decide the Fate of the Universe. But even if you didn’t manage to join us, no worries! Here’s what you can do!

You can check out our Print and Play version at Drive Thru RPG

You can play the simulator at Tabletopia – or Tabletop Simulator if you are more of a digital fan

Or you can just keep reading for more info 🙂

War of the Nine Realms is a tile based tactical skirmish game, for 2-4 players based on the Realms of Norse Mythology. You can assume the roles of unique Norse characters and take their wondrous abilities. Here are some of the characters you can play: Berglemir the Leader of the Ice Jotun, Nal the companion of Berglemir and mistress of the elements, Bearwolf, with strength of a Bear and wits of the Wolf and of the Ice Jotun, the Dark Elf Matriarch, ruthless ruler and mother to all, the Honous Guard, blade of the Matriarch, and so many more!

The game offers two modes of play, one more suitable for newcomers and one for experienced players, the Heroic and Epic play styles. Heroic has simple abilities but is harder hitting. Epic adds advanced abilities and lore based content. Overall the game is balanced to mix Heroic and Epic styles together.

As our friends from Failroad Express say: “Ragnarok has begun and there are only enough seats on the rebirth bus for one clan! In this battle chess game, you must defeat your rivals king or fill the blood cauldron to appease the gods!”

Missed the campaign but regret it? No need to worry, because we have our pledge manager up and running! You can join in here!