Wotan Games had a blast at UKGE!

As always the UK Games Expo was a jam-packed and rewarding experience from the moment we first entered the NEC to the moment we left. Every moment was filled with people, activities and most importantly games.

For a second year the Wotan Gaming Bus was at the centre of the action for the Wotan Team with people playing both upstairs on the bus and outside on tables. The outside tables helped increase the accessibility and also allowed larger groups to play. Upstairs the tables were packed with people playing games, couples, families, even a Dalek wanted to come aboard. The atmosphere on the top deck was alive and buzzing with a combination of people enthusiastic about board games and party lights as well as a healthy dose of air conditioning.

There was a lot of positive responses toward War of the Nine Realms (which has just been kick started) and many people enjoyed playing both the full game and the condensed print and play copies as well as our previous games. Many people enjoyed playing Camelot the Court and play testing a new game Animolitics [working title]. Each winner was rewarded with a Wotan mug, however, if you won and we’re unable to collect a prize please email us at wotan@wotangames.com.

We got to meet lots of new people and make new contacts within the gaming community. This included Spielbox and Zee Garcia from The Dice Tower. The downstairs of the bus was used to hold meetings and interviews with tea and coffee for anyone visiting.

Finally, we thought that to celebrate the amazing experience that was the Expo we would share a few of our team’s favourite moments:

  • Having people on the Wotan Bus. The sound of people running up and down the bus and playing games was rewarding and made the long days so worth it
  • Having people tell us they were happy to see us return
  • Being able to interact and play with people that are genuinely passionate about games
  • Seeing the expo grow continuously year after year
  • Being able to be together as a team