Production schedule for War of the 9 Realms KS

It has been a long time since we informed our backers and the rest of our followers about how things stand with War of the 9 Realms, our latest Kickstarter project.

The past few months have been a changing time in Wotan with us shifting some responsibilities around internally in the company. But this doesn’t mean that we haven’t been working to deliver your game.

We are in the final stage of the file editing that needs to be sent to the factory. Most of the files are ready, so we believe that we will send everything to Ludofact within this month. There have been some delays with the translations in other languages, however, after discussing with Ludofact at our meeting in Nuremburg, we decided that we are not letting this slow down the production of the copies that need to be sent to all you guys.

So if everything goes according to schedule (fingers crossed), this is the plan:

  • Send all printing files to Ludofact by end of February
  • Production finishes by end of March
  • All our European backers will get their packages shipped from the UK where the Wotan Games HQ are based.
  • USA and rest of the world backers will get their packages shipped from Ship Naked.

If this schedule is followed and there are no surprises for us, all backers should have their games at hand before UKGE. We want to have copies at UKGE for the rest of you to enjoy, but will not do this without our backers getting all their stuff first. So those who haven’t backed us, will have to wait just a little bit longer.

Updates on the production and the Kickstarter fulfillment will be more often now, as we have shared out the work more evenly.