World Ranking of Camelot: the Build

Rank. Player Name Matches Win Score in total Points for the ranking Country
1 Iker Pardo 3 2 314 9 Basque Country
2 Egoitz Campo 3 0 281 8 Basque Country
3 Eneko García 1 1 88 5 Basque Country
4 Kepa Sánchez 1 0 74 4 Basque Country
5 Garikoitz Casquero 2 0 125 2 Basque Country
6 Ander López 1 0 93 2 Basque Country
7 Imanol García 1 0 54 1 Basque Country
  • All matches will be ranked and taken into account for the World Ranking.
  • The position of the players in the match will determine the points that each player gets for the World Ranking. If 5 players participate in the match, the player who gets the highest score will get 5 points for the ranking, the second 4, the third 3 etc. This means that the more players participate in the game more points in game for the winner and the other players.
  • In case of a draw, number of wins serves as a first tie breaker. If the draw continues total score serves as a second tie breaker, as the player with the highest total score will be higher in the rankings.
  • In national tournaments players have to play at least 3 matches. Minimum number of players for a national tournament is 4
  • Each participating country has to try to organize a national tournament once a year and promote the game in its area.
  • Wotan Games will try organize the World Championship of Camelot: The Build every two years in England, Basque Country or in another country of Europe.
To read the English rules for Camelot - The Build, click the link here Camelot: the Build English Rulebook

The new update of this ranking was made March 2018. Here you can see some of the great pictures from the Camelot: the Build Tournament!