Missed us and would like to catch up with our new games? Then don’t miss the chance to meet us at Roll Dice Gaming!

Roll Dice Gaming will take place in the Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol, on Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th July 2019. Roll Dice Gaming is the newest event where all aspects of table top gaming are brought together for everyone to enjoy.

Wotan Games will be there with Gen42 Gaming. You will be able to find our latest game, War of the 9 Realms, both the retail edition as well as the two-player pnp. The War of the Nine Realms is a tactical skirmish game for 2-4 players, aged 10 or above. Game time is 60 minutes and the complexity is 7 ( on a scale of 1-10). Varied board layouts, Heroic and Epic play styles, alternate victory goals, combine to produce a game playable time after time. Each realm has nine individual card stock figures mounted on a base. Movement and combat in the varied terrain hexes is fuelled by an Action Pool. Combat uses-twelve sided dice that can be modified with Fate Cards. The winner is either the Realm with the last ruler standing or who has filled up their Blood Cauldron up with the sanguine fluid of their enemies!

We will also be demoing our latest released game, Ramasjang!  This is a fun fast changing family card game, easy to shape and always changing, like Loki, the shapeshifter God. Loki was a clever and crafty god and when he played games with some of the other gods in Asgard he made up rules for his own games. This made sure that the game was confusing and different every time so he was the only one who could win. The other gods really wanted to be better than Loki so they tried their best to beat him. So it became a tradition to gather around one of Loki’s games. This festive tradition got the name Ramasjang.

We will Also be showing you Brexit – The Real Deal A chance to work on the International Trade Deals after the Break up of a post Brexit United Kingdom.  Play as Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England or Cornwall, a chance to make Kernow Great again.

We are excited to show you our newest games and we are looking forward to joining the fun in Bristol at Roll Dice Gaming.