Wotan Games had a blast at UKGE this time busier and BUSier with the new Wotan Bigger Bus!

This year the UK Games Expo was a ramajam-packed and a very rewarding experience from the moment we first entered the NEC to the moment we left. Every moment was filled with people, activities and most importantly games.  We had our intern Glen Affi from Paris write his report about the event.

All photos courtesy and with Permission of Christoph Meyer


The Wotan Games company was at the UK Games Expo of 2019 for 3 days but the preparation started before these days, it was a lot of work and we started on it since the beginning of May.

We started to collect in the Wotan office all the stuff that we need for the Exhibition. So the week before the exhibition, we received all our deliveries which contained all the games that we are showing; War of the 9 Realms, Camelot the Build, Camelot the Court, Ramasjang, Brexit – The Real Deal and also other games from Ares Games. So we had to know how to play their games for demonstrating these. So we spend all the week to prepare and to learn the games.

We moved to Birmingham by car Wednesday 28th in the afternoon and arrived in the night at the hotel. Once arrived we played the new game Ramasjang the special edition for UK games expo. After this, we just had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day, Thursday 30th, we took our breakfast and went to the NEC to prepare the Wotan Bus for the Exhibition. The bus wasn’t decorated and cleaned so we made sure to do that before doing anything else. After this, we placed the tables in front of the bus for the people that will play the games and we did this too in the double deck of the bus, to place the games and put the Wotan tablecloths. We also helped Ares Games to install their stand and to put it in order. The preparation took us the all day. We was at the NEC by 8am in the morning and leaving at 8pm in the night. After this, we came back to the hotel, took a good dinner and went to sleep because we had a big day ahead.>

The first day of the UK Games Expo came, we took breakfast at 7:30 and headed off to the NEC at 8, we arrived there around 8:30-45. We were already ready to welcoming the people at our stand.

At 9:30, the doors of the NEC opened, we started to welcoming the peoples in our stand and invited them in the big Wotan Bus. We demoed many games to the visiting people.

At 6pm in the afternoon, the first day of the UK Games Expo was finished, we put in order our stuff in the bus, close it and leave the NEC to go to the restaurant to have a good meal after a very tough day and hard work. After that, we returned to the hotel to have a rest and be good for the second day of the Exhibition.

Saturday 1st June, second day of the UK Games Expo, we took breakfast as usual at 7:30 and head off at 8. We arrived again around 8:30-45, the way between the hotel and the NEC is not far, 15 minutes by car.

So 9:30 the doors opened, eventually there were more people than the day before because it was Saturday so it made sense. We demonstrated our games to the visitors if they win they received a prize and on the occasion of receiving the prize if they’re interested they may buy the games.

After that busy second day, we went to the restaurant (as usual 🙂 ) and came back to the hotel for the last night.

Next day was the last day, Sunday 2nd, we packed our stuff to leave the hotel and go to the last day of the Exhibition but first a good breakfast and now heading off to the NEC.

Third and last day of the UK Games Expo 2019, we was ready as usual to welcoming the people. At 4pm of the afternoon, the final day of the Exhibition ended and we have to packed all our stuff off the bus and outside it. So we finish this at 6pm and said goodbye to the Wotan Bus which left the NEC. We left too and prepared to came back to London but before, we went to the restaurant with Ross Jepson of PSI Distribution to have a good dinner. After this we took the road on our way to London at 8pm of the night. We arrived in London at 10:30.

My feedback of these 5 days:

These 5 days at the UK Games Expo were incredible, I enjoyed this experience, as an exhibitor it was the first time, usually when I come to an exhibition I’m a visitor but this time, I was on the other side.

I really liked to explain to the people how to play the games, demonstrate them it was very cool. And it also allowed me to practice my English with people.

Everyone was very nice with me and I’m grateful for that, I want to thank all the peoples who help me during these 5 days, their understanding. Also special thanks to Laurence and his family for what they did for me especially for the hotel and all these restaurants. I hope in the future to participate in an experience like that because I very enjoyed my time there.

Finally, we thought that to celebrate the amazing experience that was the Expo we would share a few of our team’s favourite moments:

  • Having people on the Wotan Bus. The sound of people running up and down the bus and playing games was rewarding and made the long days so worth it
  • Having people tell us they were happy to see us return
  • Being able to interact and play with people that are genuinely passionate about games
  • Seeing the expo grow continuously year after year
  • Being able to be together as a team
  • And Clearly having good food !!